Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Secondary or advanced wastewater treatment systems are quickly becoming a standard requirement. This process takes septic tank effluent and purifies it to a higher level (advanced treatment) before it is dispersed through a drip field.

Media Filter Wastewater Treatment Systems

While there are many ways of treating waste water to secondary quality, media filter technology, which has been around hundreds of years, offers the best method; unparalleled in terms of effluent quality produced,  cost to run and longevity of system components.



In media filters, primary effluent is dosed over a porous media, where treatment occurs under passive, natural mechanisms. Mimicking the processes occurring in soil systems, micro-organisms growing the media breakdown, renovate and treat the impurities in the water.




In comparison with traditional aerated systems, which rely on blowing air into water constantly, media filter systems use less energy, require less maintenance and are much better equipped to deal with the ups and downs in flows likely to be experienced by a household septic tank system

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Innoflow's flagship media filter system is the Orenco AdvanTex treatment plant. The AX20 is suitable for up to 2,000 litres per day

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