The AdvanTex AX20 Septic Tank

Outstanding wastewater treatment at a low whole-of-life cost

Environmentally Stable Treatment

The Orenco AdvanTex® AX20 septic tank system provides consistent, high quality treatment at an affordable running cost. The system is compact and lightweight, ideally suited for use in any home/residential septic tank application

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Less Septic Tanks, Less Hassles

The AX20 is supplied as a fully-assembled package, what we call our FAP system, which comprises the main tank and separate final pump chamber. Compared with other septic tank systems on the market comprising several individual tanks, time and costs are saved on the installation of the system.


Low Energy, Low Lifetime Costs

While the septic tank system may cost a little more upfront, in the long run the AX20 is much, much cheaper. With power costing no more than $8/month and one service annually compared to 2 or 4, the AX20 is unmatched in terms of treatment quality produced


The Media is the Key

The AdvanTex is the only septic tank system in Australia with a proven track record over a number of years using 'aligned textile' (hanging sheets). Unlike traditional sand filter media beds the sheets can be hosed down (should it be required) and unlike peat and foam cubes the media does not degrade or collapse over time


Independently Tested with proven performance

In several 3rd party trials, the AdvanTex AX20 septic tank system has been proven to provide a very high quality of wastewater treatment, for both standard parameters (BOD, TSS) and nutrients, particularly nitrogen. The resources to the left include some reports on performance of the systems

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Additional Information

AdvanTex Warranty Information      3 Year system warranty plus 5 year warranty on the pumps

AdvanTex Homeowners Manual   Do's and Don'ts for your AdvanTex® treatment system

AdvanTex Australian National Certification Report    Approval certification to AS/NZS1546.3

Orenco Systems 3rd Party Performance Data  Testing performed by third party companies or agencies, Orenco distributers and Orenco's own testing

Residential System Design Criteria - Technical design information pertaining to the AdvanTex® treatment process