AX-MAX & AX-Mobile


The New AdvanTex® AX-MAX and AX-Mobile Commercial Septic Tanks

Introducing the latest and largest fully plumbed and modular AdvanTex® wastewater treatment systems. The AX-MAX, ideal for municipal or commercial septic tank  applications and the AX-Mobile providing wastewater treatment for temporary or mobile situations.

The AdvanTex® AX-MAX Wastewater Treatment System

Orenco's new AdvanTex® AX-MAX is a modular, fully plumbed commercial septic tank treatment plant capable of handling flows from 18,000 litres per day up to 4,000,000 litres per day, ideal for commercial/residential developments or entire communities.

The AX-MAX is an insulated fibreglass septic tank, it's durable, lightweight and watertight. It can be installed above or below ground, as a single unit or in a multi septic tank design.

 Proven Technology

The AX-Max provides the same outstanding wastewater trreatment performance as our smaller AdvanTex® textile treatment pods. AdvanTex® wastewater treatment systems are a proven, reliable, packed bed media filter technology, and have been selected for thousands of installations worldwide. Assuming domestic strength wastewater, the same outstanding performance (cBOD5/TSS ~5mg/L) as our AX100 systems can be expected.

For nitrogen sensitive areas requiring greater than 65% nitrogen reduction, alternative configurations can be employed, returning up to 90% reduction. The unit can also be designed to meet strict nutrient limits or re-use standard.

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 The AX-MAX being helicoptered to site - Brucejack Mining Site, British Columbia, Canada

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