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Your Wastewater Treatment Specialists

Innoflow Technologies are your Australasian wastewater specialists, offering fit-for-purpose, environmentally friendly wastewater (septic tank and advanced treatment) solutions for residential, commercial and community applications.


Residential Solutions

Wastewater treatment  for residential dwellings, whether you require a simple septic tank, an advanced secondary treatment solution, or retrofit options for your current system. For more residential information, click here

Engineered Solutions

We offer wastewater treatment solutions for a variety of applications including schools, communities, public toilets, churches, subdivisions, commercial properties, camp grounds, wineries, motels, retirement villages. In fact, for any building not connected to sewer, talk to us about it, or click here for information.


Wastewater Service Areas

Innoflow are your specialist  wastewater treatment plant suppliers and installers. Our Australian service network includes;  Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC) and New South Wales (NSW), with stocking point in Brisbane.


An Interesting Case Study... 

Spaceport America

To meet its targeted opening in 2011, the world’s first commercial spaceport needed a wastewater system capable of handling variable flows in a very remote location in the New Mexico desert....

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